Selarang Halfway House

Selarang Halfway House is a secular residential, step-down facility set up to offer a residential programme as part of the Mandatory Aftercare Scheme (MAS). Selected ex-offenders are emplaced to the Selarang Halfway House to undergo the residential programme, which aims to facilitate their rehabilitation and gradual reintegration into the community upon their release from prison.

Selarang Halfway House undertakes to create a safe and supportive environment that supports and guides residents in their desistance from crime and reintegration journey before they progress to the next two phases of the MAS, namely Home Supervision Phase and Community Reintegration Phase.

We believe in adopting a holistic view of the residents, i.e. they have unrealised strengths and potential to tap on, and weaknesses that need to be addressed. During their stay in the halfway house, we will work with residents to address pertinent reintegration issues (especially in the areas of employment and accommodation) and motivating them to make positive, lasting changes in their lives. We are guided by evidence-based practices for effective intervention and adopt a co-case management approach, collaborating closely with the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) in case managing the residents from their pre-release phase and throughout their stay in the halfway house. This close collaboration with the SPS also ensures that there is continuity of care and follow up for the respective residents. Monthly case reviews are held to review residents’ progress in addressing their respective reintegration issues and readiness to progress to the next phase of the programme.

The Selarang Halfway House offers basic amenities for residents during their stay. Monthly townhall sessions are held to gather feedback, suggestions, etc from residents during their stay in the halfway house. Open group sessions on a range of topics such as financial management, communication skills, emotional regulation, refusal skills, self-care, values, etc are held at least once per month to offer residents an opportunity to acquire relevant life skills which they could apply in their reintegration journey.